Saudi Future Co – Driver

Join ”Future Co-driver” program by GR Saudi Driving school and achieve your dream to become a Rally Co-Driver through the initiative of Jameel Motorsports and Saudi Automobile & Motorcycle Federation.

Enroll today in the program and benefit from the evaluation by Captain Abdullah Bakhashab, the renowned motorsports expert in the Kingdom, to become one of the professional Co – Drivers.

◢ The program consists of the following steps :

1. Registration for the school will be via the website until February 12, 2024.

2.The best 45 applicants will be selected based on the correctness of their answers to the questions in the registration form from three regions and their vicinity: ❯ Western Region ❯ Eastern Region ❯ Central Region.

3. Pay 2000 Riyals program fees.

4. The “Future Co-Driver” Program will be held in Jeddah on February 16-17, 2024 with the participation of the most skilled international Co-Drivers under the supervision of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation. (The program fee includes travel and accommodation expenses for participants from outside Jeddah).

5. All school participants will receive certificates of passing the program.

The program committee will select 45 candidates that meets the required qualifications to join the “Future Co-Driver” Program.

◢ General Conditions :

1. The applicant must be at least 17 years old.

2. Registration is available for both genders (men/women).

3. If the applicant registered twice, he or she will be excluded.

4. The organizer has the right to accept or reject any applicant without giving reasons.

5. A qualified applicant may not assign his candidacy to another party and this will be considered a withdrawal.

6.The organizers decisions are considered final at all stages.

7. Qualified applicants will be notified by phone.

8. School subscription fees are 2000 Riyals.

Registration ↯

Fill out the registration form very carefully, you will receive a confirmation receipt on your screen